Together we are stronger

Building bridges between actors of the private sector to create a unified vision towards a better Lebanon

What We Do

Establish a constructive dialogue

  • Establish committees for subject experts to discuss time-relevant subjects through our panels
  • Increase public awareness and involvement by encouraging the Lebanese to join our community and follow our committees

Promote and assist development projects

  • Projects with the potential to exponentially advance the social, political, and/or economic spectrum
  • Provide our expertise and support to development projects that are catered towards the entire Lebanese population

Lobby policies to the government

  • Our experts review and provide recommendations on policies, bills, and laws.

How are we different?

We are a passionate community aspiring for actual development across the entirety of Lebanon. We work independently and with other groups to pass plans and legislation that benefit the entire Lebanese people, beyond sectarian divides and individual interests. By doing so, we hope to be a catalyst for nationwide improvement and advancement.


01.Expertise Approach

Every subject is discussed by the people with the appropriate expertise


We aim for the highest transparency to keep the public involved and aware of our activities

03.No Higher Ambition

We don’t secretly aim to reach higher sectarian, religious, or political interests.

Latest Events

Economist Table

In the aim of creating an economic vision to all sectors in the community as : education ,industry, agriculture etc…

‘’100% Liban ’’ created a weekly economic ...

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Follow up on Educational sector

The Private School Follow-up Committee met on a round table with "100% Liban" at its headquarters in Sin El Fil.

The participants considered the need to develop a working document that incl ...

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West Bekaa industries

“100% Liban” organized a round table with a group of industrialists under the title: “The strength of West Be ...

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