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100%Liban organized  a roundtable  entitled: "The Energy Sector: Best Solutions, Cost-Effective Options and Efficient Management" .

The session was moderated by Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El-Kosseifi, General Coordinator of 100%Lebanon and Mr. Yasser Akkaoui, General Manager of Executive Magazine .

The speakers were:

- Dr. Mounir Rached, Economist and President of LEA

-Prof. Joseph El Assad, Dean of the Engineering School at USEK 

-Dr. Amine Iskandar, Architect.

The different topics discussed :

1-The potential of evolution of the Lebanese electrical market.

2-The new form of governance: role of the electricity regulatory authority in the existing and future markets.

3- The proposed solutions through the municipalities:

- The comparison between centralized and decentralized energy production, and which is the best solution?

-The possibility of municipalities to collaborate and compete with


- The assurance of funding for municipalities to generate their own electricity.

- The role of the private sector with municipalities.

The main objective of the roundtable is to find a new form of governance and to provide cost-effective, efficient and low-cost energy. 

On his part Prof. Joseph Assad discussed the challenges, opportunities and options for the electricity sector in Lebanon.

 In this regard, he referred to the principles of decentralization combined with a centralized governance system capable of managing national planning and coordination.

The importance according to Assad is that the public sector suggests solutions at the energy level and the need for the private sector to propose solutions such as innovation, solar system and panels.

100% Liban main objective is to support the private sector and to develop feasible and cost-effective solutions.