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“100% Liban” organized a round table with a group of industrialists under the title: “The strength of West Bekaa industries”.

The participants highlighted the importance of the food industries that are linked to many other sectors, such as the agricultural sector, and the trade and the marketing ones.

Stakeholders :

 - Mr. Neeman Hashem ( ARUBA factory owner)

 - Engineer Wassim Riachi (from SOMOPLAST factory)

 - Ziad Shahab el din (owner of INSURANCE BRICS company)

 - Mr. Wajdy Hayek (aluminum industry)

 - Mr. Nicolas abou Faisal (FOUNDER of GARDENIA GRAIN D'OR)

 - Dr. Wissam Fahed (CEO Fahed retail group)

 - Dr Mohammad Fheili (economist and risk strategist)

 - Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi (general coordinator of “100% Liban “)

 - Dr Elie kassab(founder member of “100% Liban”)

 - Walid Akel ( general secretary of “100% Liban”)


Problem Solving   


Economic crisis and political conflicts

Involving the private sector to correct the imbalance

High human potential creates a great economic renaissance

The economic slowdown, especially in the tourism sector

Fight against smuggling and illegal importation

Provide more outlets for local products by reducing imports

Decreased purchasing power and shift to local products instead of imported ones

Execute joint Lebanese and foreign projects

Working on a project of sustainable energy

The high cost of production also the local workforce

Exchange of experiences in the productive sectors

Development of the agricultural sector

Incredibly high operating costs: electricity, fuel and communications

Adoption of the Law on Fair Competition and Prevention of Monopolies


High sea freight rates

Cancel the tax (VAT) On food products

To support local industry


Loss of export markets due to Corona and political dangers

Approval of tax amnesty


Dumping  and

Absence of a protection strategy for the food industry

Encourage the creation of commercial and industrial centers


Absence of industrial areas with basic infrastructure

Laws of laws to protect the producer and the consumer


No strategy

Establish a free economic zone in Tripoli


The existence of legislative and legal obstacles



Absence of funds



No application in the principle of reciprocity in trade agreements with countries



illegal crossings



The high cost of exporting via sea and airports



Speculation of imported goods



Setting up certificates of origin



The protection of Lebanese industry should be a national priority because it operates with all commercial sectors of the country.  

Therefore, “100% Liban” Association has created a space for dialogue and discussion in its headquarters for the parties concerned in this sector to come out together with several suggestions and procedures in order to move the industry.

Known for their human and natural resources, the Bekaa and Zahlé are
considered important areas for investments.
100% Liban along with the president of the Association of Industrialists
Nicolas Abou Faisal visited and examined premises.
Our visit began at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry where we
decided to implement a project to study various means of development.

Chamber Of Commerce, Industry And Agriculture of Zahle and the
The Chamber of Zahlé and Bekaa represents the commercial,
industrial and agricultural interests of the Bekaa region. It offers a
wide range of services to members and private and public
institutions and focus on the development of the local and national
economy through lobbying, networking and initiatives.

The Founder of Gardenia Grain d'Or Nicolas Abou Faisal emphasized
the importance of cooperation between the different sectors to ensure
their continuity.He stressed on the importance of protecting local
production and raising quality standards in order to find international
markets to export Lebanese around the globe.

Gardenia Grain D’Or is one of Middle East’s leading packaged food brands
with a strong presence in the market for consumer grocery, as well as in
restaurants and food service establishments.

The meeting at Somoplast Focused on adapting to the different
circumstances of the current economic crisis. The factories run on solar
energy and refuse to abandon their workforce

Somoplast is an Industrial Company devoted to creating
innovative and high quality products .It is a family owned business
where trust and loyalty towards the customers are found within the
structure of the company.

Lebanon possesses a substantial wealth of mineral water which can be
exploited at several levels, particularly in electrical energy production
and in the supply of water for the irrigation of th agriculture sector. This
will in turn contribute to the development of this sector.

established in 2004 in the Bekaa region of"Kaa el Rim”.It has been
certified since 2007 (till date )by Bureau Veritas: ISO22000:2005.
We supply Aquafina Lebanon for PepsiCo with water, and we were
the first company in Lebanon to follow the Quality and Food Safety
Management System. Originating from the underground springs of
Sannine Mountains, this natural source has flowed undisturbed for
centuries, producing some of the finest mineral-enriched water in
Lebanon. Mineralization is well balanced due to its geological

All in all, our day in the Bekaa was very productive and clearly defined
the wealth of the country in terms of human and natural resources. A
cooperation plan between 100% Liban and the active forces of the
region will be established in order to achieve a unified economic vision
and a certain level of growth.

100% Liban organized a roundtable discussion entitled: “Developing industrial sector towards better opportunities and safety protocols ”.

The session was moderated by Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El-Kosseifi, the general coordinator of 100% Liban .

The speakers were:

-Mr. Dany Gedeon, General Director  of the Ministry of Industry.

-Mr. Ziad Chehabedine, President of Brics International.

The slogan “Made in Lebanon” went viral and was affected by the internal and external crisis lately.

Mr. Gedeon explained that it is necessary to benefit from the existing raw materials in Lebanon and from the specialization and innovation in order to well compete .

Also, Mr. Gedeon presented a development plan based on 6 pillars :


-Rehabilitation of the industrial zones.

-Creation of the new industrial zones all along the Lebanese borders.

-Construction of a tunnel in the Bekaa.

-Establishment of a free zone at the ports.

-Producing energy through solar panels.

-Creating technological industrial zones.

Mr. Chehabedine stated that the industrial sector is facing several challenges and proposed different solutions:

-Risk management procedures.

-The security measures to follow.

-The protection offered by the insurance companies.

-Training and development sessions organized by Brics insurance in order to help industries to improve their security measures.

100% Liban support the Lebanese industry to develop the opportunities of our economy.

On the occasion of Mother's Day, the head of the Association of Industrialists in the Bekaa, author Nicolas Abu Faisal, signed his two new books

"عن لبنان لماذا أكتب"

under the sponsorship of the Council of Bishops of Zahle and Bekaa, represented by Anthony Souri and Bishop Boulos Safar.

The third and fourth parts were presented at the "Gardenia Charity Foundation" in the Ikhtamar hall in Zahle, the economic group Gardenia Grain d'Or.

The signing ceremony was with the presence of a  crowd of religious, economic, cultural, industrial, diplomatic and media personalities.

The conference was presented by the general coordinator at 100% Liban, Pamela Ibrahim El-Kosseifi, and the speakers were: 

-Aref Maghames, Editor of the daily media website.

 -Mr. Maroun Makhoul, Head of the Cultural Council of Zahle.

 -Father Charbel Ouba.

- Dr. Mohammad Tawfik Abu Ali the former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Lebanese University.

- Mr. Dany Gedeon, General director of the Ministry of Industry. 

-Dr. Boulos Safar, Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese of Zahle.

And the singer, Dr. Rana El Gemayel Abu Faisal.

100% Liban support the Lebanese culture and the success of every citizen.