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100% Liban and the certified business coach Lynda Achkouty Mouawad organized a round table under the title :

"THE CHALLENGES & SUCCESS STORIES OF YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS IN THE MANUFACTURING SECTOR" , which aims to foster innovation among Lebanese youth by creating a space for discussion on the key success factors for entrepreneurs .

This round table brought together members of 100% Liban, young entrepreneurs, economists ,industrials ,doctors and university students.

Achkouty, who moderated the round table, pointed out the importance of the role of youth in creating opportunities to stay in the country. The economist Dr. Wissam Fahed participated in the discussion, advised emerging entrepreneurs and youth to focus on planning and developing their skills to bring their innovation to the world.

the 4 main entrepreneurs spoke about their experiences, their ideas, their successes and above all their determination to continue despite the challenges, alternately:

 -Architect Martine Zaarour, founder of the start-up “Jar Thuraya” for the sale of traditional Lebanese products (mouneh).

 -Antonella Maroun, founder of "Draj el Baydar", a restaurant and lodging house under construction. Through this project, Maroun has established a communication network between housewives and farmers in the region.

 - Margot Wehbe, founder of Uwyta for recycling.  

- Engineer Mustafa Ajami, founder of Biofertile, which meets the needs of farmers for rich fertilizers.


The discussion presented many ideas how to face challenges, the most prominent points are as follows:

- Work as integrated groups because cooperation and integration may give better results.

- Create opportunities and not give in to despair and emigration.

.-The role of the private sector in supporting youth.

100% Liban created a space for dialogue and discussion in its headquarters for the concerned parties trough a following up committee in order to come up with suggestions and perceptions that support the Lebanese youth executing their plans.


Behind 100% Liban's ultimate support for young entrepreneurs, lies the idea that development starts here.

The “Keep Track” committee discussed different topics related to Lebanese startups, and economic experts explained the key factors that help entrepreneurs succeed in their action plans.

We listed several topics to be covered in lectures as well as multiple studies to be conducted.

This committee will be accessible to young people In order to help them better realize their ideas through the experts of 100% Liban.

In order to support the Lebanese youth executing their plans, to share their ideas that might influence the future reflections and choices, 100% Liban and the certified business coach Lynda Achkouty Mouawad gathered one more time young entrepreneurs working in the textiles' industry: fashion, clothes, bags and accessories along with 100% Liban members and economic experts.

The 4 main panelists were: Nancy Fata, Guilda Khoury, Nathalie Samaha and Patrick Zoghbi.

The roundtable was moderated by coach Lynda Achkouty Mouawad with the Guest speaker Dr. Mohammad Fheili.

The discussions were about different topics related to Textile industry as: success stories, business model, marketing plans, local production, in-house goods, outsourcing services, however the experts explained the key factors that will lead to overcome the current situation in the country that will be resumed by finding international markets to export our lebanese production.

A glimpse of green business was introduced by the environmental consultant, Maya Karkour, who is also an Eco-Entrepreneur spreading awareness & knowledge about health.

Nicolas abou faysal ,President of the Bekaa industials, confirmed that we have to believe in what we do, to overcome challenges and to search for new markets without leaving Lebanon.

Several meetings will follow in the near future tackling various  specially that youth are the pillar of our society simply any development starts here...Keep Track !

Participants :

-Pamela Ibrahim el Kosseifi

-Charbel Abi Doumit

-Lynda Achkouty Mouawad

-Nancy Fata

-Dr.Mohammad Fheili

-Nathalie Samaha

-Carole Karam

-Anthony Kreidy

-Rana Abdelnour        

-Nicole Mouawad


Meeting purpose : Creating an action plan

The meeting started by a general wrap up about the last event on Textiles and fashion industry and  discussed what will be the next topics  to tackle and the upcoming events .


  • Start-ups & Lobbying : lobbying is becoming a core competency for startups.
  • Collaboration Startups importance : allows support of start-ups and also innovation at larger ,as well as enable individuals to work together to achieve a defined common business purpose.
  • Assistance of the Private sector : it helps startups to succeed , it makes business sense.
  • What are the "Do’s and Don’ts" of business start-ups : a lecture will be done in this subject.
  • Youth Entrepreneurs Workshops and Innovation Business Camps : scheduled for September .
  • How to set a Legal Framework for Start-ups .
  • Increase Q &A time session to enrich to elaborate the presentation.
  • Meeting with ICC Escwa centerofentrpreneurship.org

Topics to discuss

  • Plastic Free
  • Technology
  • Tourism
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Mass production locally and foreignly(export)
  • Virtual marketing &e-commerce

Actions to be done :

  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Entrepreneurs’ Lookbook to be presented to the Commercial Attachés .

100% Liban initiatives are based on human capital assets. All our actions are about different suggestions and solutions.

The open discussion entitled: "Rethinking the future of plastic" was moderated by the business coach Lynda Achkouty, and gathered around  diplomatic, industrial, economical people and media experts, as well as members of 100% Liban as follow:

  • The ambassador of Lebanon in Bahrain, Mr. Milad Nammour
  • The ambassador Vasken Kavlakian
  • The president of Bekaa industrialists and CEO of Gardenia Grain D’Or, Mr. Nicolas Abou Fayssal
  • Dr. Taleb Saad Socio-economic expert and founder of Yorpak
  • Mr. Jad Khoury founder of plasti Lab
  • Mr. Antoine Haber and Mr. Garo jakajian from Agri Plus group
  • Mr. Habib Geagea founder of Flexoprint

The speakers , listed hereafter,are successful entrepreneurs looking for a change in the mindset of the people when it comes to plastic usage.

  • Mr. Pierre Baaklini, Founder of LWM
  • Mrs. Nathalie Breidy, Founder of Fakir Bi2yan
  • Mr. Rami Sbeih, Founder of Plastc Lab
  • Mr. Nabil Aouad, Co-founder of SWIM
  • Mrs. Lisa Safoyan, Co-founder of SWIM

An intervention by the guest speaker Dr. Charbel Afif, the chairman person of the chemistry department at USJ and environmental expert who covered the issue in all its aspects indicating the importance of research , innovation , initiatives in order to make a difference.

The session emphasized on the role of the private sector in educating individuals in order to manage the plastic waste .

The meeting showed initiatives that addressed the problem of plastic waste by collecting it, recycling it and using it in new and useful productions. This work was achieved in cooperation with individuals, municipalities, companies and associations.

The attendees agreed on the most prominent economic impact of plastic sorting in the commercial market as follows:

o             Accelerating the economic cycle

o             Providing job opportunities

o             Producing new merchandise

o             Promoting people's culture and awareness

The diplomatic and experts in the field that attended supported the various actions and solutions undertaken by entrepreneurs participating in this meeting. They expressed their intentions to help and provide the necessary guidance, while proposing draft laws and legislations about importing some types of waste, stimulating them and sorting as a daily lifestyle. Those solutions should be integrated in the education curricula.

Believing that Lebanon need all our initiatives to have a healthy economic roadmap, 100% Liban is committed to continue the role of mediator to bring together all sectors pushing forward for a better Lebanon.


The Participants :

Dr.Mohammad Fheili , Pamela Ibrahim el Kosseifi , Lynda Achkouty Mouawad ,  Anthony Kreidy , Nathalie Samaha , Rami Sbeih , Nicole Mouawad , Nour Issa ,    Martine Abi Khalil , Antoine Ariss , Charbel Abi Doumit , Nancy Fata , Pierre Baaklini, Carole Karam .             

Meeting purpose : How to develop our meetings ?

The meeting started by a general wrap up about the last event “Rethinking The Future Of Plastic”.

The main points that were covered during the discussion :

  • To what extent were the participants satisfied and why?
  • To add live broacasts during the upcoming sessions.
  • To discover a new opportunity for youth : 100% Liban presented “Loubnany” a private sector initiative that aims to support SMES to use an online platform with targeted worldwide outreach.
  • To collect comments about the speakers’booklet presented by 100%Liban.
  • Discussing the workshop of John Achkar and Sandra Asmar .

Will be done :

Next event :Technology

On September 8 2022 a round table on Technology & Education entitled: “How digitization & technology are shaping higher education in Lebanon?” took place at 100% Liban and was moderated by the business coach Mrs. Lynda Achkouty.

The session started off by an introduction of the 2 new innovative start-ups (Questa & EduBolt) combining education & technology. The guest speakers were:

  • Mr. Anthony Kreidy, Mathematician and Co-founder of Questa
  • Mr. Theodor Rahme Full Stack developer and Co-founder of Questa
  • Mr. Nour Adabachy, Mathematician and Co-founder of Questa
  • Mr. Bryan Youssef, founder of EduBolt


Questa is an app developed by 3 young university students build in order to help make education easier and accessible for all. The Q&A platform where students go there and ask questions related to their courses/homework, whether by a text, a picture or even a voice note. The question then goes straight to a specialized teacher and in a matter of minutes they receive the answer. By combining technology with education, this platform not only saves time, has a lower cost and is more effective for students but also provides more job opportunities for teachers.

Edubolt is a platform that offers courses for high school and university students that differs from the techniques used in schools and universities, a way that makes students eager to learn more. This platform makes learning fun, fair and fast.

The 3 main topics discussed by the speakers were:

1-      Understanding the key concepts about Education Technology

2-      The power of technology in education:  In Lebanon is it a burden?

3-      Future plans on different levels and the opportunities for Lebanese youth


The young founders of the new startups began by discussing the difficulty of starting such businesses in Lebanon, especially nowadays, where society pressures us to finish our studies and start working right away and does not provide us with the necessary support, either mentally or financially.

The expert Dr. Rabih Baalbaki, President EdTech Syndicate in Lebanon, and Mrs. Noura Merhabi, EdTech Curriculum Advisor, intervened on the mentioned topics:

Dr. Rabih Baalbaki was very excited and motivated to support the two new start-ups, stating that due to corruption in Lebanon, it has become difficult to work on the evolution of education and technologies, but this has led them to reach out to NGOs and syndicates that are willing to assist. The project was based on establishing an ethics committee in each school, public or private, to work on incorporating innovative new technologies into schools.

"We are trying to spread education technology in Lebanon and educate the citizens about its importance," Mrs. Noura Merhabi added.

"The key to these start-ups is the internet and communication," Dr. Rabih continued, "and the crime that has been done recently with the Ogero crisis has been pulling these startups down and putting barriers to innovation in Lebanon."

They agreed that in order to restore trust in this sector, we must break the ice of educational pressure and make it more visual and fun. Because children are increasingly attached to their devices and active on social media, education should keep up with technological advancements. Instead of using pen and paper, it should be digitalized.

100% Liban aims to exponentially advance the social and economic spectrum. We contribute our expertise and support to education-related development projects in order to properly educate our youth and help them form a better Lebanon.

When a country is facing long-term economic, political, and social challenges; its young entrepreneurs are the hope for a better future. They are our innovators and leaders. Despite the odds, Lebanese youth are determined to stay resilient and serve their community.

The "Youth Booklet" represents our brilliant young entrepreneurs who followed their dreams, established their businesses, and continue to fight for their country. In collaboration with the certified business coach, Mrs. Lynda Achkouty.

We support young entrepreneurs with their start-ups in order to stimulate new employment, and accelerating economic development, by:

  • Providing youth with skills that will help them enter the business world.
  • Expand their network that could serve them in their businesses.

Click here to get a glimpse of our brilliant youth’s businesses

100% Liban made a field visit to the Plastc Lab, within the framework of encouraging young and individual initiatives, and the founder and owner of the factory, Mr. Rami Sbeih, who introduced his startup and its goals.

Sbeih pointed out the importance of recycling the plastic in which the factory operates, which is divided into two parts , first encouraging citizens to collect plastic and the second , plastic recycling.

The remarkable and distinctive feature of Plastic Lab is the manufacture of household appliances and furniture from recycled plastic and the addition of beautiful colors.

The goal, according to Sbeih, is to reduce and even stop the use of plastic in Lebanon and to educate people and warn them about the microplastic that enters their bodies as a result of the plastic thrown into the sea.

100% Lebanon cares through its continuous activities in all fields, to build bridges between all sectors, especially those that support the Lebanese youth, the pillar of society and the backbone of its future.