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100% Liban organized a conference on Tuesday 13 September with the participation of representatives of media, universities, economic and legal experts, and members of 100% Liban:

-          Mr. Ziad Makary, The Minister of Information

-          Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi, General Coordinator at 100% Liban

-          Dr. Elias Kassab, member of 100% Liban

-          Mrs. Youmna Chakar, Journalist

-          Mr. Joseph El Kosseifi, Head of Editors Syndicate

-          Dr. Mounir Rached, President of Lebanese Economic Association, member at 100% Liban               

-          Mr. Aouni Al Kaaki, Head of Lebanon Press Federation

-          Mrs. Elissar Naddaf, Advisor at Ministry of Information

-          Mrs. Josephine Abi Ghosn, Journalist

-          Mr. Nicolas Chikhani, Financial Expert, member at 100% Liban

-          Mrs. Nawal Abboud, Journalist

-          Mr. Salah Takieddine, Vice President Order of Lebanese Journalists

-          Dr. Nassib Ghobril, Chief Economist at Byblos bank, member at 100% Liban

-          Mrs. Sandra Khlat, President of BASSMA

 The conference focused on five key themes:

1-      Protecting free expression

"The world has changed very quickly, in light of modern media," he said, "and the Ministry has been affected by this."

"Several problems may arise as a result of freedom," he added, "because the country is collapsing under the weight of crisis, and politicians are stronger than the state. We as a ministry have tried and will continue to try to prevent violations of media freedom and warn against them. Of course, there are issues and significant hate speech in the media, as well as threats and exposure to journalists, but we are still within acceptable limits in relation to the scale of the crisis we are experiencing."

 2-   The importance of digital journalism

"We have decided in the ministry to put the draft law on the website for public discussion, and we will give a month to collect opinions and criticisms for a final vote, leading to a law that satisfies everyone to a large extent and is similar to our country" he added.

 3-     Mr. Ziad Makary's initiative to develop the official channel, Tele Liban:

After signing a collaboration contract with the French government through ENA to preserve and utilize the Tele Liban archive, the Minister of Information is reportedly trying to benefit from the archives of Tele Liban and from previous programs.

 4-     The role of journalism in preserving traditions and culture

The Minister of Information mentioned a collaboration with Lebanon's journalism faculties to "give a youth boost to the public media, particularly Tele Liban, a true treasure for everyone related to culture and Lebanese heritage".

Mr. Makari mentioned during the meeting that his department is working with international organizations to "implement a bill that ensures better protection for journalists."

 5-    The role of the media in economic stimulus.

"Two things that Toby Mendel from UNESCO said, which is that if we can reach a law that is close to what is required by 80%, this is a great matter, while fearing that we will remain in the 20% and that is why we do not progress in Lebanon," he continued. He also believes that the laws of the media must be adjusted on a regular basis over time."

The Ministry of Information chose to take advantage of its properties in the Bekaa and a sizable plot of land to transform it into a production metropolis, according to the Minister of Information Ziad Makari. Since production work in any nation fuels the nation’s economic cycle by creating jobs for thousands of residents, it is secure in this country, as it is in many other nations throughout the world.

This round table is just one of many other events designed to foster communication on all topics and between the various forces of the private sector branches. By taking into account the opinions of experts and identifying areas of agreement, we work on establishing future relationships in order to achieve a better Lebanon.