Our Real estate & construction committees

Here's a glimpse of what we do

100% Liban with Mrs. Mireille Korab Abi Nasr and Mr.Thierry Abi Nader organized a focus group meeting entitled: "Real Estate And Construction Sector: operating in crisis mode".

The participants were: Mr.Youssef Ghantous, Mr. Wissam Tawil, Mr. Rony Maalouf, Mr. Gerard Charvet, Dr. Nassib Ghobril, Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi, Mrs. Carole Karam representing Real estate and Construction industry along with 100% Liban members and experts.

They discussed how to find the right ways to the best survival mode operations, than to start growing in this field again.

They discussed also: Beirut Heritage, traders mentality, unfinished projects, the financial issues, lack of urban planning and market assessment. Moreover, they evoqued the possible solutions as well as the future steps to be done .An action plan will be presented by 100% Liban and those participants to attain the objectives.

Estimating the importance of infrastructure in the real estate industry and to respond to several questions related to what kind of projects are needed in Lebanon those days, a survey will be prepared to assess the needs.

Also, a focus group will work on the urbanism in the aim to find the best and quicker solution to the sector.

We resume that the private sector has to find the best to proceed even if the state has not started yet.