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In the launching of "Wine Tourism Lebanon" by the Ministry of Tourism and under the patronage of the Minister Mr. Walid Nassar, an event was organized on November 17, 2022 at Middle East Airlines training center with the collaboration of :    

- 100%Lebanon, represented by the director Mr. Sleiman Maaraoui,

- the Lebanese Wine Union, represented by the president Micheline Touma,

- the project of the Council of Europe lter Vitis, represented by Elisabetta Giudrinetti.

Mr. Nassar says that despite the current socio-economic context, the promotion of Lebanese wine is very important and it is known as the "wine of the Old World". 

Mr. Nassar said “The project will include many events that will be declared at a later stage”.

Mr. Sleiman  Maaraoui proposed to set up wine routes in order to develop wine tourism in the land of cedar, which leads to the rural development.

The participation of 100%Lebanon had as main objective to support the role of tourism in Lebanon which is one of the main pillars of the Lebanese economy.