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Memorandum Irada & 100% Liban

Within the framework of sharing ideas and experiences and in order to unify the economic vision in Lebanon, a memorandum of understanding was signed between” 100%Liban” and “Irada” to represent the true cooperation between the two parties.

President of “Irada” Mr. Abdussamih Charif attended the signage along with other members of the federation:

Dr. Bassem Al Bawab

Mr. Louay Malas

Mrs. Arij Qaisi al hout

Mr. Moughir Sinjaba

Mr. Ramzi Chehab

Mr. Abdul latif Sidani

* Attendees from 100%Liban :

Mr. Sleiman Maaraoui

Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi

Dr. Mouhamad Fheili

Mr. Fadi Rahmé

Mr.Khalil Toubia

Dr. Elie Kassab

Mr. Chaya attallah

Dr. Jinan Abdel kader

Dr. Hatem Osman

Mr. Walid Akel

Dr. Mouhamad Fheili, banking risk expert and member of the economics committee at 100% Liban stressed on the harmony between “Irada” and 100% Liban that lead the two parties to sign this memorandum of understanding to assure that the private sector has the capacity to excel, invest, and the will to evolve.

Mr. Abdussamih Sharif, President of “Irada” declared that joining efforts and actions are always successful and he mentioned that we need a lot of initiatives knowing the exceptional human ressources we have. He added that the consolidation of efforts between the two parties would be beneficial to the whole country.

Mr. Sleiman Maaraoui from 100% Liban considered that through communication and dialogue we can take part of the constructive decision- making on a national level.

This cooperation will be witnessed through projects that will help in the renaissance of Lebanon, that we must preserve his identity and must create a unified economic vision.

Since 100%Liban and the certified buisness coach Lynda Achkouty Mouawad share a common vision regarding the role of the youth in shaping our economy .
The two parties signed a memorandum of understanding to join their efforts and to tackle multiple subjects concerning young entrepreneurs.

100% Liban has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Minister of Tourism, Walid Nassar, in the aim to develop tourism projects throughout Lebanon.

Joint working mechanisms will strengthen the collaboration along with the greatest number of institutions in the various sectors.

An exchange of information and expertise will be carried out between the two parties.

100% Liban and coach Samir Zehil have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that represents the true cooperation between them since they share a common vision that will provide human capital development to our society and offer opportunities and incentives for people to develop their knowledge, skills, competences and attitudes.

100% Liban ,Legacy Builders and Expand signed a memorandum of understanding aiming for the growth of Insurance sector in order to raise awareness and to execute actions towards financial planning and to minimize the gap of trust. The main goal of 100% Liban is to support and maintain the strength level of this sector moreover to relate its impact on Lebanese Economy offering opportunities for experts in this field to meet ,communicate and cooperate in order to come up with better strategies .

100% Liban and Martine Abi Khalil Afif, CEO of KBP Biomak, a full-service Contract Research Organization, signed an MoU on the 16th of August 2022 in order to join efforts to:

  • Address the current challenges facing the healthcare system by collaborating with our experts to find measurable solutions.
  • Raise community awareness about healthcare.
  • Strengthening primary healthcare and promoting essential drugs.
  • Upgrading the registration process of pharmaceutical drugs and revising the pricing structure.
  • Issuance of policy papers, laws and regulations.

This collaboration aims to propose a cohesive vision through effective communication that will result in workable solutions to meet the demands of our contemporary economy and help in its recovery and evolution.

100% Liban and Mr.Rabih El-Amine,Chairman of the Lebanese Executive  Council  in Riyadth signed an MOU on the 7th Of November  2022.

The LEC (Lebanese Executive Council) is a non-profit organization based in KSA, an independent sectoral expatriate body led by the private sector aiming to strengthen professional relations among its members in various sectors.

 Given that 100%Liban and LEC  share a common vision to provide expertise and support for development projects that meet the needs of the entire Lebanese people, they have agreed on the following:

  • Strengthen collaboration, increase synergies and exchange knowledge and skills.
  • Helping our entrepreneurs with exportations & job opportunities.
  • Work to restore economic relations to its previous era with the Gulf countries.
  • Attend events with mutual interests and prepare conferences in order to improve Lebanon’s current situation.

This approach aims to provide a unified vision through effective communication that will generate practical solutions that will meet the needs of the Lebanese current economy and contribute to its restoration and evolution.