Our Meetings

Here's a glimpse of what we do

The "100% Liban" met the Federation of Businessmen "IRADA".

This followed multiple meetings that discuss the possibility of cooperation between the two parties.

Both associations will work together on many projects that contribute to the economic growth .

The President of the Bekaa Industrials, Nicolas Abou Faisal, met the Moroccan Ambassador in Lebanon, “Mhammad Grine”, in the presence of” Mr. Mahdi bou Anan” accompanied by the General Coordinator of 100% Liban, Pamela Ibrahim el Kosseifi and Mr. Nizar Yahya.

This meeting was an opportunity to confirm the continuation of the efforts aimed at strenghening the good relations between Morocco and Lebanon, and to review the opportunities of trade between the two countries .

On her behalf, Mrs. Kosseifi presented the role that 100% Liban plays in bringing together different stakeholders from all sectors in Lebanon to create a unified economic vision. Also she talked about the private sector importance in contributing to the economic growth through the implementation of constructive strategies.

The Industrial sector in Lebanon is a major contributor to the Lebanese economy and especially during this crisis time.

The Industrial sector in Lebanon is becoming more and more innovative just like its counterparts in innovative countries, and will become one of the major sectors that will witness increasing investments.

Believing that the key component for industry success is the human element, creativity , talent, dedication, hard work and assessing the need for the reconstruction of the country ,the general coordinator of 100% Liban Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi has visited Yorpack to highlight and encourage individual initiative that Lebanon holds.

A collaborative meeting was set with Dr.Taleb Saad ,deputy general manager at Yorpak Lebanon.

Yorpak was founded in 1984 at the start of the plastic revolution in Lebanon, serving the local industry and becoming the leaders in innovation, quality, and packaging. The company engineered world-class quality at competitive prices by focusing on technology and research.

The role of 100% Liban consist to Build and support useful collaborations between stakeholders and sectors aiming to create a common economic vision .

After all "Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out", also it is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.


100% Liban  joined Green Innovation Days 2022: #GrID 2022 ,

where Green Leaders , Startups , Entrpreneurs , Investors , Researchers  under One Roof met to discuss the evolution of the green sector and exchange its most exciting innovations and opportunities.

In order to discover the local and regional programs in circularity and clean technology managed by Berytech and learn about the value each can offer.

The expo featured a selection of highly innovative startups showcasing technology-driven green solutions and circular business models.

Berytech proposed a list of workshops throughout three days covered a vast array of subjects allowing the audience to update their knowledge on essential business skills, practices and trends in sustainability, renewability .

100% Liban believes in the role of youth in shaping our 

economy and financial position in the region.

The Participation of 100% Liban at GrID 2022 was in order to support and assist thousands of young 

entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups in reaching their objectives.

100%Liban represented  by its general  coordinator, Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi  and  IRADA Association represented  by  its  board  member, Dr. Bassem  Al Bawab visited  MP  Fouad Makhzoumi  in the  presence  of Mr. Samer  Safa  where  they  discussed  the  financial situation.

The discussion also focused on  the  following  points:

1-The government's plan.

2-Launching  the  Lebanese  Economy.

3-The  country  is not bankrupt.

At the end  all agreed  on the  importance  of  the  cooperation  between  the  private  sector  and the  parliament duties.

100% Liban made a field visit to the Plastc Lab, within the framework of encouraging young and individual initiatives, and the founder and owner of the factory, Mr. Rami Sbeih, who introduced his startup and its goals.

Sbeih pointed out the importance of recycling the plastic in which the factory operates, which is divided into two parts , first encouraging citizens to collect plastic and the second , plastic recycling.

The remarkable and distinctive feature of Plastic Lab is the manufacture of household appliances and furniture from recycled plastic and the addition of beautiful colors.

The goal, according to Sbeih, is to reduce and even stop the use of plastic in Lebanon and to educate people and warn them about the microplastic that enters their bodies as a result of the plastic thrown into the sea.

100% Lebanon cares through its continuous activities in all fields, to build bridges between all sectors, especially those that support the Lebanese youth, the pillar of society and the backbone of its future.

On Saturday 17th November, members and friends of 100%Liban made a visit to Mr. Waleed El-Bukhari: the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia.

The Discussion was about: -Strengthening ties between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

- Highlighting Lebanon's role in the Arab world.

-Promoting trade between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

-The importance of a financial plan and an economic vision that will prevent Lebanon's bankruptcy.

100% Liban represented by its general coordinator Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi and IRADA association represented by Dr. Bassem Al Bawab visited the general manager of "InfoPro" Ramzi El Hafez where they discussed the economic situation of the country.


The discussion also focused on InfoPro 's studies:

1-"Revival 2021":

The revival of the economy depends mainly on positive changes in the following areas: Politics, economic growth, development of social welfare, and the restoration of confidence  between citizens and the state,investors and international organizations.

2-"IMF's Crystal Ball":

The IMF insisted on the regression of the economy, on the loss of confidence, on the difficulties of the banking system.

And we discussed on what to negotiate with the IMF.

3-"A Time for Suicide Economic, fiscal, and monetary crises":

Analysis of the collapse of the financial and monetary structures of Lebanon.

4-"Road to hell":

The crisis is primarily political leading to an economic slowdown, the changes in the role of the banking sector and the collapse of the purchasing power of citizens.


100% Liban aim to build and support a constructive dialogue between stakeholders and different sectors in order to create the means for the recovery of the country.

100% Liban represented by its general coordinator, Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi and IRADA association represented by Dr. Bassem Al Bawab visited MP Nabil Bader where they discussed about the recovery plan presented by the Lebanese government.

The discussion also focused on the collaboration between the private sector and the public sector to improve the economic and financial situation of the country. 

MP Bader assured that it is necessary to elaborate a collaboration with 100% Liban, in order to value the role of the private and public sector and to create a unified vision towards a better Lebanon.

100%Liban represented by its general coordinator, Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi and BRICS represented by Mr. Ziad Chehabeddine visited MP Fayssal Karameh where they discussed about the recovery plan proposed by the Lebanese government.

The discussion also focused on rebuilding the trust between the state and citizens in order to improve the economic and financial situation of the country. 

Deputy Karameh will cooperate with 100%Liban through all the activities to revive the economy.

The general coordinator of 100% Liban, Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi and Dr. Bassem El Bawab, member of the board of directors at IRADA association visited the former minister of telecommunication Mr. Mohamed Choucair who is the head of the Lebanese economic organizations where they discussed in order to unite the efforts to revive the country's economy.

This collaboration between the two parties aims at working together on the laws that will develop the investment opportunities again.  

100% Liban represented by its general coordinator Mrs. Pamela Ibrahim El Kosseifi and Mrs. Martine Abi Khalil founder of KBP Biomak visited  Dr. Elie Nasnas, general manager of AXA and Mr. Roland Salloum, general manager of FMPS and representative of RDCL.

The discussion was about the importance of the health and the need to unify efforts in this field in order to guarantee the citizens medical care.

From her part Mrs. Martine Abi Khalil insisted to create a map that covers the majority of the population and put a good Health governance with a new financing model.

100% Liban aim to address all these topics in an upcoming policy paper that lists the different feasible solutions.

A group of 100% Liban,visited on the 1st of February 2023, the Non-Governmental Organization's Initiative (NGOi) at the American University of Beirut .

NGOI is an initiative of the American University of Beirut that provides eight main services to the NGO sector in Lebanon and the MENA region:

  • Organizational Certification.
  • Self-assessment platform.
  • Training & Capacity Building.
  • Knowledge Resource Center.
  • Contextualization & Arabization.
  • Convening Platform.
  • Performance Improvement.
  • Digital Communication Management.

The collaboration between 100% Liban and NGOI aims at strengthening and developing the NGO sector.

100% Liban participated to the ambassadorÅ› lunch organized by Esa Business School on the 17th of February 2023.

Esa’s network continues to improve, pursuing its restructuring and strengthening with already 10 alumni chapters abroad.

100% Liban aim to develop the education system through schools and universities in order to support the Lebanese youth.

Ms. Pamela Ibrahim El-Kosseifi, the general coordinator at 100%Liban, and Ms. Carole Karam, media consultant at 100% Liban met Dr. Abdel salam Hasbini, vice president of the CIH Association, and Dr. Ziad El-Sayegh, executive head of the Civic influence Hub(CIH) Association.

The main goals of the CIH association are to build a country that will make all of its citizens proud, where dignity is upheld, rights and obligations are revered, justice and equality are guaranteed by the rule of law, and every citizen has the opportunity to fully realize his aspirations.

In order to make ideas and opinions heard and to have an impact on future considerations and decisions, 100% Liban hope to collaboate with the CIH association for the benefit of the country and the community.